What until recently was only wishful thinking, has now become reality and in the strongest possible terms
The Kingdom of Morocco has succeeded with the conference in achieving something that in the past no one would have dreamed of
The successes is in such a magnitude and was naturally received by all Moroccan and peace-loving people with appreciation, joy and applaus
And no wonder that a certain minority of those still hostile to Morocco did not follow suit
That is only further proof of the magnitude of great successes and the victorious game changing factor for the Kingdom of Morocco and Moroccan Sahara
Therefore we can only congratulate His Majesty the King of Morocco, the Kingdom and lovely Moroccans for their historic achievements and breakthrough, also the Int Recognition and support for Morocco Sahara
And God’s blessings for continuation and further achievements and successes only
Needless to state that all this is thanks to one extraordinary Moroccan woman and personality, namely Excellency Mrs KAOUTAR FAL
And only thanks to her all these started and succeeded with those marvelous successes above any expectation
No wonder that so many personalities know to respect and appreciate her, getting to love Morocco because of her, seeing her as a divine gift for humanity in times of major existential challenges
May God bless the Kingdom of Morocco, where she was born and raised Insha’Allah
Let’s all join together in hope and prayers for her further success bringing us all peace loving people around the globe together in peace with love and harmony only
Something we all so desperately need especially in areas of conflict in the Middle East and beyond
Moshe A Friedman, Chairman Int Foundation for Interfaith dialogue and Former Chief rabbi Vienna Austria